Give thanks to God for all of our blessings!

It is these blessings that have been guiding the Our Lady’s community in the 70 years of development. Over the years, our dear Sisters and teachers have shared their love, knowledge and faith with generations of young women. To whom have all blossomed to be young ladies with a strong foundation in faith and love. In this great sense of gratitude that we have to truly embrace on the occasion of our 70th anniversary.

Yes, we embrace what is true, good and beautiful, we embrace all these with open arms and hearts, and with faith , trust and hope. All these underpin the theme of our 70th anniversary “A time to Embrace: Truth, Love and Faith.”

It is through acknowledging and recognizing what have been undergoing in the past that can sustain the zeal and passion to move on. For what we have undergone, we give “Thanks”; and for what is yet to come, we say ‘Yes’. This is the spirit of Truth, Love and faith, the essence of education in the Our Lady’s community.

At this point, I would like to draw your attention to the backdrop, the 70th anniversary banner: the passage of time, represented by the first horizontal yellow line, is a continuum, linking up the past, the present and the future. The 70th anniversary is a time to celebrate, to embrace and with God’s guiding stars, we move on. May God’s guiding lights shower upon all of us.
I would like to invite you all to celebrate this joyous year with us through the celebratory events planned for this school year.

We first welcome you to join our 70th Anniversary Open Day, which will be held in November. It is hoped that this will be a time to embrace the relationships, achievements, dedication, and hard work, that the people of Our Lady’s College have achieved.

Another anticipated event would be a gala performance in May, which would be the climax of our celebration. A combination of catholic education with modern technology to demonstrate the school’s mission in nurturing students to be twenty-first century serving leaders who walk on the path of loving-kindness.

All these events are seen as not just celebrations of the school but also a chance to share how Our Lady’s College promotes our core values in education, which are encouraging student engagement through different effective learning strategies, and to cultivate students to internalise the school’s core values and foster the tradition that have been passed down by generations of Our Ladians to others.

We praise God for all of our blessings and humbly ask him to bless the Our Ladian community as they continue to inspire and teach young women with the same mindfulness as our founders, St. John Bosch and St. Mary Mazzarello, who always inspired students through reason, religion, and loving-kindness, so that, as written in John 10:10: “that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Sr Lim Lai Ling Amy