To acquaint students, particularly the Secondary One freshmen, with the various resources available in the library. so that they can become informed and efficient library users.

To stimulate students’ reading interest, to widen their scope of knowledge and to enhance their language proficiency.

To support and enhance the implementation of formal and informal school curriculum and the integration of various curriculum.

To nurture students with the mastery of information skills and strategies by exposing them to a wide range of learning resources so that they can attain information literacy, which can be transferred across all disciplines and from the classroom enclosures to “real-life” situations.

To acquaint students with the utilization of resources from various sources, including electronic resources and from the community.

To prepare the junior formers, especially those in S. 3, for the NSS curriculum and to equip them with the generic skills required for amassing the vast perspectives of knowledge in the study of Liberal Studies.

To alert students on the ethical use of information including respect for copyright and intellectual property.

To empower students as independent learners who are capable of life-wide and life-long learning to cope with the ever-changing world.